Why I Started A Blog, Six Months On

Joe (Dad) Bloggs.
Happy blogger-versary, six months in!

Blogging works for me. I'm too busy for podcasts and YouTube, they take effort. It's a passive hobby, some fun, nothing more. 

Not everything works in blog world. I'm learning that. Some posts hit, some do not.

If you are reading this, I suspect you have some interest in me. Thanks for reading!

Aside from last month, I've been consistent. I post weekly, no pressure. Sometimes it resonates, sometimes it doesn't. That's ok. I just get it done.

Why do I blog? Let me take you on a journey.

Why I Started Blogging

When I graduated (in 2019), I stopped writing. I got lazy.

When you study, you write continuously. In my final year, my prose were tight. Words flowed like Angela Lansbury on Amphetamines (click here, if you don't get that reference). Then I graduated, and the writing stopped

Without deadlines and dissertations, the motivation went. If there's no incentive to write, you don't write! Then an epiphany struck. If I don't maintain the skill, will it evaporate completely?

So the blog was built, and I started writing. You can't appeal to all, but I can share my thoughts.  I have a varied and busy life. I am married, I have children, a career and many interests. This exposes me to life's ups and downs.

With blogs, you can be informal. You aren't bound with rigid structure and word counts. There's no requirement to cite each reference (Cyber Dad Blog: 2021). It is what it is. I can unleash my true self. No filters, no pressure. 

Share Your Experiences, Share Your Value

The benefit of getting old, is experience. I believe people are driven with a desire to improve themselves, and others. Experiences aide development.

Mistakes are part of life. Mistakes are good, that's when you learn. Mistakes are inevitable. When you screw-up, self improvement begins. 
Mistakes are good, that's when you learn. 
Share your wisdom with others, share what you know, don't hold back. Share it through conversation, or on a blog, through podcasting or a YouTube channel, just do it. Don't be afraid to share experience. People love the journey. There's value in advice, and authenticity. 

Fact or opinion. Good or bad. Share it! I don't understand the blogging formula yet. I'm a newbie, figuring it out. According to Google analytics, my top five articles are.

What do I deduce? That's the challenge! Understanding your audience, and how they respond.  But if you keep it interesting, keep it real, then people consume, if they want to. 

The authenticity aspect is important. With social media, we risk appearing showy and arrogant. The ego, (or the perception of ego) can repel like a fart. There's no time for room clearers, you want the room with you.

Sharing your success is fine, if it's underpinned with a journey, some grafting. Social media is filled with fake successes. Respect and integrity is earnt. You can't pull the wool over people's eyes.

Blogging As Therapy

Blogging has therapeutic benefits, for sure. Past experiences can shape our futures. Blogging lets us revisit the past, nostalgically. Then smile, at how fun life was (or wasn't). 

At the the same time, the past is scary. Sometimes you delve into the past with disappointment, around bad choices or experiences. But there's closure, knowing you'll learn from it.

The past is scary, particularly if it's traumatic. At the same time, the past is a barometer for comparison. You evaluate where you are today, to where you were before.

As I said, sharing experiences is useful. Analysing mistakes and problems, is the way to improve. People like journeys, so blog about it.

Final Thoughts

If you can write, start blogging. Share your unique experiences and mistakes.

Share funny moments, share embarrassing moments. Don't take life too seriously. 

Wisdom is to be shared, throw it out there. Share life tips, share new perspectives, write about it.

People love the journey of self-improvement and discovery. Keep yourself authentic and share experiences with others.


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