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Gift Ideas: For 'Difficult' Dads

Smile! Christmas; it came, it went, we conquered. Get anything nice? I thought I'd blog, before it transcends into a distant memory. In fifty weeks, we do it again! 😕 I'm a simple man, I don't ask for much. That said, Santa (my wife) obliged with some decent gifts. My Christmas priority, is my children. Their festive joy and smiles, are all I need.  It's a cliché, but you enjoy Christmas through the kids. And that's enough for me. My birthday is late-November, which is problematic. By Christmas, I'm stuck for ideas. I'm difficult to buy for.  Kids are easy, that want everything! And my wife always needs handbags! I favour "experiences" over "stuff". Which is sensible, until you need "tangible" gift ideas. We end each year the same, the wife says:  "What do you want for Christmas darling?!?"  and I say:  "I don't  know........ surprise me?".  Anyway, she did well again. This is (some of) what Dad got for

How To Attack A New Year With Purpose

Happy New Year! A new year, full of opportunity. As the year ended, I compiled a (casual) list of new year resolutions. I don't like burdening myself, but it feels necessary this year. We moved home, so there's plenty of DIY on the agenda. It's a list of tangible and personal goals. It's good to write stuff down, and flush-out some aspirations for the year. It's also a wise move, if you have a family. Your goals can inspire, feed into and motivate those around you. My son is six, and can't ride a bike. This will change! My youngest son is three, and I want him to learn several languages. English would be a start! Sadly the Omicron variant has confined dad to more 'home-working'. I'm well versed in 'home-working' arts. I know the dangers, but see the opportunity for personal growth. The list gives me clarity, purpose and something to work towards.  My year1 wasn't too bad. I built this blog, played more guitar, I cycled from London to Esse