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Why I Prefer E-books, To Physical Books

Physical vs digital. Where do you stand on e-books vs traditional books? The digital vs physical? I'm now on my second e-reader. It's one of my favourite gadgets.  I'm no stranger to nostalgia. I love vinyl, retro movies and gaming. Technology should be embraced, when it enhances or compliments the experience. E-readers improved my experience. I read more prolifically and take chances on books, like never before. I made the change in 2014, when I was studying. Business journals were heavy, and it was like carrying dumbbells to work. It became problematic.  Business journals were heavy, and it was like carrying dumbbells to work.  When the university trialled e-books, I jumped on board. It made studying convenient and enjoyable, and less of a workout! Over time, I have found e-books enormously convenient. All my books, on one device, instantly accessible, at any point. The Case For Physical Books People are tinged with book nostalgia. The smell of a new book or the sound of

Moving Home: My Recent Experience

Sold! Two months ago, we moved.  I've moved a few times, but with a family, it's different. There's lots to navigate and consider, when moving the troop. But you'll know when it's time. The house and location, stop serving their purpose. Perhaps they never did, but you put up with it? Nobody moves, unless they need to. But it was for the greater good. I was resisting change, but it was the right decision. So much can go wrong (and it did). The house-moving process, throws many curve-balls. Our adventure took six months, but finally we moved into the new place. We didn't move far, we just went bigger. I suspect many families will move this year.  Best of luck, because rarely is it straight forward, or cheap. I hope this post helps you.  Why We Moved Back in March 2020 (like many), I was forced into a period of home-working (I still am). Thank you Coronavirus.  A storage room became my home office.  I started to see the deficiencies of our three-bed semi. All the