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Becoming A Dad (Again), In My 40s

Doing it all again. Shall we have another baby? Oh, why not! Was I too old for another child? Did I possess the mental energy for more parenting adventures? After raising two boys, I believed the parenting journey may be over. I was past forty, so questions about age and energy levels linger. In fairness, I'm in decent physical shape. I exercise regularly and eat healthier than most dads I know. I have worked hard to avoid the dangers of the "dad-bod" physique and bad clothing choices. It's wonderful to be a dad, but terrible to look like a dad. Because invariably, looking like a dad, can mean you've let yourself go. That's not a judgement on anybody. But I'm a better dad, when I am in good mental and physical shape. During 2023, my wife and I, had the "conversation." Could we do it all again? Were our finances equipped for more sprogs? Did we have the stamina for night-feeds, nappy changes and sleep depravation? There are no "perfect moment