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Heading Out Of 2021, Feeling Burned-Out

New home office, same old sh*t! My first blog post since October. Sorry about that. No excuses. Well, perhaps some. We moved house a month ago, and life got crazy. Moving house, is a tiresome and stressful affair, especially with kids.  Now we've settled in, its been endless direct debits and address changes. And for the time-being, endless unpacking of boxes and lots of adhoc DIY. I'll get there.   Moving house is stressful, but it was a move we needed to make. I'll probably write about this, in future posts. It isn't a decision you take lightly. In late-November I also celebrated my 41st year (look young don't I?). Soon after that, the dreaded Omicron variant appeared. So it's more "working from home" for me and a temporary end to "office life". I'm really bummed about that. Limping Over The Line The closing part of 2021, has turned into a blur. When so much happens (personally and globally), you struggle to process. So right now, I'