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Returning To The Office: A Parent Perspective

"Lord Sugar will see me now." Exciting news, I went back to the office! It's one day a week. But technically, I'm back, and it feels great. The day finally arrived, where Dad would battle henceforth in the city. My youngest son looked confused. Why was dad leaving the house? Are we going to war? Has mum kicked him out? No dear boy, this is how the world works! He was eighteen-months, in March 2020. We have a "lost" generation. Children who don't recall the pre-pandemic protocols, or their fathers in suits. But  "the times they are a-changin'" (Dylan, 1964) . Some parents are tormented by the "return to office" dilemma. Routines and childcare arrangements may change. I have colleagues, who don't share my enthusiasm. But frankly, I'm happy and this is why. The Commuting Experience Thumbs-up to commuting! Strangely, I enjoy my commute. To some, commuting feels unnecessary or unproductive. Or time that could be used better. Bu

Why I'm Ditching Amazon Prime

Alexa, can I cancel Amazon? Recently I cancelled my Amazon subscriptions.  Amazon Prime went first, which was costing me £79.99 a year ($110). It's a premium service, offering next-day delivery and some streamed services. I also cancelled Amazon Music, their Spotify equivalent. This was £9.99 a month ($13). I guess I had an epiphany. I was struggling to find value, and without value, what is the point? Cancelling them saves me £200 a year ($270). It's your call, but consider your relationship with Amazon. What value are you getting? Is it laziness? Are you consuming too much? Would you miss it, if it went? Read on and I'll provide a bit more insight. Amazon Prime = Too Much Consumption Consumption is fine, in areas of necessity. But too often, we overconsume. Amazon make it too convenient and easy. Goods are cheap, particularly on sale days and "Black Friday" events. But Amazon aren't always cheapest. I prefer to support local business, in these post-pandemic