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Visiting Wales, A British Staycation

Get your Welsh flag flying. Earlier this month we ventured to north and mid-Wales. Staycations have become our post-pandemic norm. We'll venture to foreign climates soon. For now I'm enjoying Britain, and appreciating what's on offer. Not my first time in Wales actually. Years ago I visited Cardiff, but that was south Wales. I'd never done Wales properly, until now.  Turns out north Wales is pretty. James Bond grew-up in north Wales. Well, the guy who played him, Timothy Dalton. You certainly need a car in Wales. Unless sheep are a viable mode of transport? Public transport looked to be non-existent (from what I could see). Everything is spread out, so be prepared to travel. Let me take you on a journey of Welsh culture. Conwy Castle Now this is a Castle! If you visit Conwy, you must see Conwy Castle . It's a pleasant world heritage site. Like me, the famous fortress is well preserved. It was commissioned by 'King Edward I', some 700 years ago (they tell me)