About Me

Hello there!
Welcome to my illustrious blog.

Since the start of 2021, I have been blogging about life and my experiences as a husband and father.

I work in the cyber security field (hence name) and live in commuter-belt Essex, outside London.

Like many, the pandemic thrusted home-working status on me. Time saved on the commute, allowed me to create this blog.

As a blog hobbyist, I started expressing my dad musings across parenting, relationships and self-improvement.

I prefer to keep the mood light so expect (largely) positive content. 

In the bloggers-sphere, I leave hard-hitting topics to those who do it better. What you will get, is an honest, grounded and fatherly perspective.

My Instagram account can also be found here @cyberdadblog.

Thank you

Cyber Dad Blog


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