About Me

Welcome to my blog page. I am a married father of two from Essex (England), working in the interesting field of cyber security (hence name).

Like many, I was forced to work from home during the pandemic. As a result, I had time to think about life and to reflect. I also turned 40 during lockdown, but the blog is more than a mid-life crisis.

I basically use the blog to air my views and experiences across parenting, relationships, self-improvement and personal interests in IT, technology, education, guitars, music, books and investments.

I have been active on Instagram for a while, documenting my day-to-day parent life under the pseudonym @cyberdadblog. As a creative type, I thought I'd try a new outlet in 2021. I have dabbled with blogs before, but never consistently.

Ultimately I want to improve my writing, craft the skill and put value out there. If anything, you'll be reading some honest, grounded and fatherly perspectives on the world.

Let's see where this journey goes.....


Cyber Dad


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