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Daddy.......Daddy Cool
Welcome to my blog.

Some bloggers and tubers prioritise the "serious", but not me. I leave "serious" to those who do it better.

I'm a humble British father and husband, blogging and YouTubing about my life. As you can tell, I opt for a "relaxed" writing approach. 

Like many, the pandemic of 2020 forced me to "work from home".  Life got crazy, as I adjusted to a new working dynamic.

Upon reflection, I'm grateful. I gained precious time at home with my wife and two sons. 

Out of global misery, I built the blog and started writing again. I expanded my mind, read books and pursued old hobbies and interests.

Just when I thought I was done, we got pregnant again! And my wife gave birth to a baby girl in November 2023.

What you'll read here, is an honest and fatherly perspective on life. I'm a advocate of self-improvement and achieving goals. Perhaps you'll find value? Perhaps I'll make you think? Who knows!

There's a therapeutic appeal to blogging. Maybe my children will read it one day, and understand how the old man ticked? Or should that be TikTok'd?

I try to post regularly, when life isn't too hectic! If you like my blog, please check-out my Instagram account @cyberdadblog 

Thanks again

Cyber Dad


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