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Gift Ideas: For 'Difficult' Dads

Smile! Christmas; it came, it went, we conquered. Get anything nice? I thought I'd blog, before it transcends into a distant memory. In fifty weeks, we do it again! 😕 I'm a simple man, I don't ask for much. That said, Santa (my wife) obliged with some decent gifts. My Christmas priority, is my children. Their festive joy and smiles, are all I need.  It's a cliché, but you enjoy Christmas through the kids. And that's enough for me. My birthday is late-November, which is problematic. By Christmas, I'm stuck for ideas. I'm difficult to buy for.  Kids are easy, that want everything! And my wife always needs handbags! I favour "experiences" over "stuff". Which is sensible, until you need "tangible" gift ideas. We end each year the same, the wife says:  "What do you want for Christmas darling?!?"  and I say:  "I don't  know........ surprise me?".  Anyway, she did well again. This is (some of) what Dad got for

Fashion Advice, For The Maturing Gent

The mature gentlemen! Many men lose their fashion mojo in middle-age, or after becoming fathers. Just like the 'dadbod', it can slowly sneak-up on us. This is a tragedy, because men often look at their best, during their 'James Bond' years.  In truth, anyone can dress badly, at any age. At forty, I have entered the classic 'danger period' of middle-age. Women are not free from risk, but Gok Wan solved a lot of their problems. We don't have a 'Gok Wan'........we have no-Wan! I have always recognised the need to mature my look over time. It can be difficult adapting, adjusting and upgrading the wardrobe accordingly. Some men lose the plot with clothes and never recover, it should not be like this. Men can age like a fine wine, if they want to. It is great for our mental health, because evidence shows dressing well boosts confidence. However, it can be confusing to understand boundaries and the 'cans and cants'. I find it tough, because I still