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Travelling To Budapest, Hungary

Hungry for Hungary. Budapest, the historic capital of Hungary. Formed by the 1873 merging of Buda, Óbuda and Pest. History lesson over kids. In April, we flew to Hungary. Our first foreign trip in three years. We were hungry for a bit of Hungary. Kid-free time; a relationship saviour. It was Easter time. They'd be fine, stuffing their little faces with chocolate, at the in-laws. City breaks were once a regular occurrence, before kids and COVID. An overdue stamp in the passport. Budapest; full of history, culture and admirable resistance to the Euro currency. Even singer George Ezra wrote about it's splendour. Read on, for my Budapest adventures. The Mystery Hotel (Budapest) Spa day! Accommodation, the holy grail of city breaks. Unkept bed linen, can make or break a trip.  We spent two nights in the quirky  Mystery Hotel . A nice find from the wifey, during her Trip Advisor research project. This 82-bed, luxury hotel, was close to central Budapest. It boasted plenty of charm, ch