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Tackling Increased Living Costs (UK)

Hello Mr Postman. Plonk, what's that? The sound of another utility bill rising. Life is getting expensive. Energy up, petrol up, and tax rises coming. Stop stealing my money you gits! We are all struggling with the increased living costs. Things will be tough in 2022.  It's a perfect storm. It should never have come to this, but it has. It's a worrying time. Particularly for those with young families and vulnerable relatives etc. I'll struggle through, I always have. I feel for those who have it tougher. People choosing heating over eating.  Here's my take on it, for what it's worth. I'm going full "Martin Lewis" today. Income Tax Rises I don't mean to scare, but people are not prepared for an income drop.  April marks a new tax year. Traditionally we see favourable tax-code changes, and feel theoretically richer. Not this year. In the UK, there's an April national insurance rise of 1.25 percent. Households will lose around £500 a year (on