Fashion Advice, For The Maturing Gent

The mature gentlemen!
Many men lose their fashion mojo in middle-age, or after becoming fathers. Just like the 'dadbod', it can slowly sneak-up on us. This is a tragedy, because men often look at their best, during their 'James Bond' years. 

In truth, anyone can dress badly, at any age. At forty, I have entered the classic 'danger period' of middle-age. Women are not free from risk, but Gok Wan solved a lot of their problems. We don't have a 'Gok Wan'........we have no-Wan!

I have always recognised the need to mature my look over time. It can be difficult adapting, adjusting and upgrading the wardrobe accordingly. Some men lose the plot with clothes and never recover, it should not be like this.

Men can age like a fine wine, if they want to. It is great for our mental health, because evidence shows dressing well boosts confidence.

However, it can be confusing to understand boundaries and the 'cans and cants'. I find it tough, because I still feel like a bloody child inside. But it doesn't have to be cardigans and slippers, this is my take. 

Listen To The Ladies

Women tend to be more invested into fashion than men, they are all over it. Look at the high-street or department stores; it is hugely weighted in their favour. Listen to what ladies say, because in my experience, they tend to understand fashion. 

My wife has always been useful for honest fashion advice, and sometimes it's brutal. Nobody likes being compared to the refuse collector, but sometimes you need the 'Gok Wan' treatment. Sometimes men don't see how badly they are dressing, and that's where the rot can start. It isn't personal, I'm her husband and she wants me to look my best self.

Sometimes men don't see how badly they are dressing, and that's where the rot can start 

If you aren't married to a Trinny or Susannah, ask some female friends or relatives for advice. The female perspective is invaluable, because they often understand fashion more instinctively. Ladies also tend to be more invested into celebrity culture and understand popular fashion across the board.

Bespoke Clothes and Tricks

A tailored fit compliments the body and the clothes you are wearing. Always favour the tailored or bespoke fit, over a regular fit. Baggy clothes should be avoided, because they distort your body's true shape. They tend to hang off the body, feeling uncomfortable and impractical to wear.

Unfortunately, fitted clothes can be unforgiving, particularly when you are out of shape. That is a separate discussion, but try to avoid anything too loose fitting. Clothes that fit like a glove, look better on the eye and feel better. 

Darker colours generally make you appear slimmer and there are other tricks like this. Clothes with horizontal stripes will make you appear broader shouldered, if you are not. Vertical stripes can elongate and make you appear taller, when you are short. 

What Not To Wear

Ripped jeans were a favourite of mine, throughout my youth. As men get older, they look terrible and you become borderline vagrant-like in appearance. Lose the ripped jeans and opt for a smart pair of  plain designer denims, regular or slim fit being preferable. 

Full leather jacket
T-shirts with offensive slogans or images must also go, because they look silly and immature. They don't project your maturity and the credibility befitting your age. 
T-shirts are fine, but opt for more subtle designs. Fitted designer t-shirts can look and feel great, I have many.

Football jerseys are acceptable at football matches or when you play sports, but I would avoid wearing them in normal surroundings. They do little for credibility and should be avoided in terms of 'go to' casual wear. They also have a hooligan or thuggish association, who are ya?!

The double-denim trap is also worthy of mention. I love denim jeans, shirts and jackets, but avoid wearing them together. Few men can pull-off the double or triple denim look, without looking like a twat. You can have "too much" of a good thing.

Buy Quality, Not Quantity

The best thing you can do, is invest in quality over quantity. You get what you pay for, generally speaking. Clothes are an investment, so buy ones built to last. My mum always says: "buy cheap, buy twice". Buying clothes is a major ball-ache for most men. Unlike women, we don't have the inclination or variety of places to shop. 

Designer clothes cost more, but they are made better and last. I have a Barbour jacket which cost around £200, some three or four years ago (see picture). They aren't cheap, but they are made to last. Quality clothes project the mature and grown-up look you should seek.

Cheaper clothes soon fall apart or fade over time, because they lack quality. I love a pre-holiday binge in Primark, but you get what you pay for. They'll last for your holiday, and not much beyond. Quality clothes last, so you'll shop less often.

Final Thoughts

As normal, I will attempt to condense my ramblings into palatable chunks.

  • Embrace middle-age and mature like a fine wine.
  • Seek the female fashion perspective.
  • Get rid of the boy clothes, and mature like a man.
  • Got tailored clothes if you can, they look and feel better.
  • You get what you pay for, so don't scrimp on good clothes.
Happy dressing, you've got this! 😉👍


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