Gift Ideas: For 'Difficult' Dads

Christmas; it came, it went, we conquered. Get anything nice?

I thought I'd blog, before it transcends into a distant memory. In fifty weeks, we do it again! ๐Ÿ˜•

I'm a simple man, I don't ask for much. That said, Santa (my wife) obliged with some decent gifts.

My Christmas priority, is my children. Their festive joy and smiles, are all I need. 

It's a clichรฉ, but you enjoy Christmas through the kids. And that's enough for me.

My birthday is late-November, which is problematic. By Christmas, I'm stuck for ideas. I'm difficult to buy for. 

Kids are easy, that want everything! And my wife always needs handbags! I favour "experiences" over "stuff". Which is sensible, until you need "tangible" gift ideas.

We end each year the same, the wife says: "What do you want for Christmas darling?!?" and I say: "I don't know........ surprise me?". 

Anyway, she did well again. This is (some of) what Dad got for Christmas. Perhaps it will give your family some inspiration, for birthdays, father's day etc?

1. Phantom Perfume

Paco Rabanne: Robot In Disguise
It's nice to smell good (occasionally).

I'm no stranger to "eau de toilette" at Crimbo. Maybe I smell?

This year I was treated to Paco Rabanne's 'Phantom'. How cool is that perfume bottle?

It's nice to smell good (occasionally). 

It's the oldest trick. Make the perfume bottle sexy and people buy it. "It smells like sh*t! I know.....but look at the bottle!" 

Phantom is described on their website as "A bold scent with notes of addictive creamy lavender, energizing fusing lemon and sexy woody vanilla".

They had me at "sexy woody". ๐Ÿ˜‚

2. Office Shoes

These shoes are made for walking
For nearly two years, I've worn jeans, t-shirts and trainers. The pandemic has depleted my office wardrobe.

A mini return to the office, took me by surprise. I hate wearing casual shoes at work. I also prefer slip-ons, to laced shoes. Part laziness, but they look better (I think).

The previous office shoes, were knackered. They looked more vagrant than Versace. It was time to update the footwear.

Comfortable, stylish and affordable. These will do the job, when London beckons. They came from Clarks too, so we've supported the high-street.

3. River Island Shirt

Getting shirty
At 41, I'm in dangerous fashion territory. I like to look good and make the effort. But I realise, that certain clothes are no longer for me.

 I suggested this gift. I want to look smart, without appearing "try hard". Nothing screams "desperation", than a dad trying to dress young. 

The shirt is from River Island which is perhaps a young person's brand? But the shirt looks nice, and hopefully I pull it off?

The wife gave it the approval, when I wore it on Christmas day. 

A fitted shirt, keeps you in shape. They aren't forgiving, so you need to keep trim. Not easily done at Christmas!

4. Oasis At Knebworth Vinyl 

A wonderwall gift
The nineties were a big part of my childhood. For a time, Oasis were my favourite band.

As you may know, I like to collect vinyl records. I tend to collect limited editions and rare stuff.

There's nothing better than relaxing in your man cave, with a beer and some decent records spinning!

This live show at Knebworth in 1996, captures a seminal moment in British music. It was Oasis and Britpop at it's best.

The wife came good and delivered. Bought from HMV I believe. Great stuff.

5. Darkness 'Signature Brew' Beers

I believe in a thing called beer
I've always had this soft spot for British rockers 'The Darkness', and now they have a beer!

I still remember hearing 'I Believe In A Thing Called Love', in 2003. What a song, what a band! It started a love affair.

I had to get some of these. Signature Brew are a London-based brewery, who produce collaborative beers.

It's not every day, that one of your favourite bands put out a beer. I'm not a seasoned drinker, but these taste good. Picture me, in my man cave, listening to music and drinking this. Or don't!  

Final thoughts

Christmas time, it's a time for giving, and a time for getting (Cliff Richards, 1990).

Don't be 'difficult', have ideas, help your family out.


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