How To Attack 2022 With Purpose

Happy New Year!
A new year, full of opportunity.

As 2021 ended, I compiled a (casual) list of 2022 resolutions. I don't like burdening myself, but it feels necessary this year.

We moved home, so there's plenty of DIY on the agenda.

It's a list of tangible and personal goals. It's good to write stuff down, and flush-out some aspirations for the year.

It's also a wise move, if you have a family. Your goals can inspire, feed into and motivate those around you. My son is six, and can't ride a bike. This will change! My youngest son is three, and I want him to learn several languages. English would be a start!

Sadly the Omicron variant has confined dad to more 'home-working'. I'm well versed in 'home-working' arts. I know the dangers, but see the opportunity for personal growth. The list gives me clarity, purpose and something to work towards. 

My 2021 wasn't too bad. I built this blog, played more guitar, I cycled from London to Essex, made dad friends, I went to Cornwall, returned to the office (temporarily), moved home and finally saw some live music.

Resolution lists, are merely a 'to do' list. Or in some cases, what 'not to do'. I don't like to rest on my laurels. Nobody ever should.

Don't sail aimlessly into and through 2022. Have some goals and purpose. Think about your goals as a person, partner, parent, worker, friend etc. Don't stress-out, or over burden yourself, but have goals and targets to work towards.

Mapping Out 2022 Goals

I normally start, by carrying over the things from the previous year, that weren't achieved. For example, last year I wanted a side-hustle. It didn't happen, so now it's on 2022's list.

A goal requires you to do something. So make sure it is realistic and viable. I've been guilty of setting my bar too high. Not only will you fail, you'll get disheartened. Conversely, don't set the bar too low. You can achieve more than you think. 

A goal requires you to do something.

Think about the things that make you and your family happy. Rediscover and revisit old passions. Think about the talents you wish you had, and work on them. Think about the things you don't know, and educate yourself. 

It's a new year, full of new opportunities. Have a crack at challenging yourself and living your best year. 

Learning From Mistakes

Nobody is perfect. Perhaps like many, you've had some bad years? Perhaps circumstances conspired against you? Perhaps you didn't have your A-game?

I maintain that mistakes are acceptable. They are human, part of life and sometimes beyond our control. As long as you take responsibility for your own mistakes, you can learn from the failure. Failure can help us improve.

Everybody that achieved anything in life, failed at some point. 

The Only Competition Is You

Goals are personal to you. Keep your list private (if you wish), it's nobody's business, but yours. 

The major problem with social media, is the way we consciously and subconsciously compare. It gets us down, if we feel we are underachieving. The classic 'death by comparison' trap.

Focus on yourself, and getting to where you want to be. Jealously and envy won't do that. Be humble about people's success. We all run a different race, of different obstacles and challenges.

We all want different things from life. No two people are the same. Focus on your own aspirations. Achieving goals is not a competition.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, 2022 will present it's challenges. Stay focused and have a plan.

Where there's a will, there's a way. Have a list of goals and give 2022 a real good crack. Fail to prepare, prepare fail.


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