Travelling To Budapest, Hungary

Hungry for Hungary.
Budapest, the historic capital of Hungary. Formed by the 1873 merging of Buda, Óbuda and Pest. History lesson over kids.

In April, we flew to Hungary. Our first foreign trip in three years. We were hungry for a bit of Hungary.

Kid-free time; a relationship saviour. It was Easter time. They'd be fine, stuffing their little faces with chocolate, at the in-laws.

City breaks were once a regular occurrence, before kids and COVID. An overdue stamp in the passport.

Budapest; full of history, culture and admirable resistance to the Euro currency. Even singer George Ezra wrote about it's splendour. Read on, for my Budapest adventures.

The Mystery Hotel (Budapest)

Spa day!
Accommodation, the holy grail of city breaks. Unkept bed linen, can make or break a trip. 

We spent two nights in the quirky Mystery Hotel. A nice find from the wifey, during her Trip Advisor research project.

This 82-bed, luxury hotel, was close to central Budapest. It boasted plenty of charm, character, quirky paintings and architecture. 

Being a bit posh, it also boasted spa and sauna rooms. I put those to use. Twice I swanned down "majestically" in my robe, looking like a modern-day Hugh Hefner. It's good to relax, unwind, and feel important. 
Twice I swanned down "majestically" in my robe, looking like a modern-day Hugh Hefner.
The hotel staff were friendly and happy to assist their tourist guests. Receptionist Borat (not his real name), kindly rang me taxis and printed out various bits of sh*t for me ( wife!). Good work, my Hungarian fellow.

We were within walking distance to most things, with a massive shopping centre nearby. Clearly no coincidence on my wife's part. I'd been done like a kipper.

St Stephen's Basilica 

Saint Steve, would approve.
Europe does a good Church. 

Regarded as the most important church building in Hungary, and arguably Budapest's most popular church attraction.

The Basilica in Budapest, is named after St Stephen, the first King of Hungary.

It was an impressive building and one of the first things we saw. They don't build churches like this any more. It's beautiful inside too, with various artifacts and splendid décor.

The 360 views from the rooftop are worth observing. You pay a small fee for this, but it's well worth it (if you make the stairs!). A great opportunity for photos, selfies and skydiving (probably).

Shoes on the Danube

Shoes on the Danube.
The killing of Jews during the war, was a huge taint in human history. Mankind at its worst.

It's right that Europe remembers the ugly past. 

The shoes on the Danube, are a poignant reminder of the Holocaust. This memorial was created in 2005, by film director Can Togay.

Situated on the east bank of the Danube, it was conceived in collaboration with sculptor Gyula Pauer, to honour Jews massacred in the Second World War.

It's chilling to think that 20,000 Jews, were massacred in this spot. It's hard to convey, but the area has a strange eeriness about it. 

Boogie-ing in Budapest

Szimpla Kert: Ruin Bar
Boogie time in Budapest!

It's fair to say, Hungary has a rocking night life. Budapest springs to life, when the sun sets.

The highlight is the 'Szimpla Kert' Ruin Bar. It was so popular, we couldn't get in one night, despite my devilish good looks and charm.

It's basically a derelict building, turned bar. With various rooms and bars. It's cool, trendy and happening.

Hungarian hipsters flock here in there hundreds. Definitely worth a visit, for it's cool vibe and atmosphere. It's an experience, that's for sure.

In Summary

Hungary is pretty good value for money. Many cities require a small mortgage to enjoy, but not Budapest.

Get yourself to Budapest, it's a splendid little city.

Try out the Chimney cake, the finest cinnamon pastry ever.


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