Why I Prefer E-books, To Physical Books

Physical vs digital.
Where do you stand on e-books vs traditional books? The digital vs physical?

I'm now on my second e-reader. It's one of my favourite gadgets. 

I'm no stranger to nostalgia. I love vinyl, retro movies and gaming. Technology should be embraced, when it enhances or compliments the experience.

E-readers improved my experience. I read more prolifically and take chances on books, like never before.

I made the change in 2014, when I was studying. Business journals were heavy, and it was like carrying dumbbells to work. It became problematic. 
Business journals were heavy, and it was like carrying dumbbells to work. 
When the university trialled e-books, I jumped on board. It made studying convenient and enjoyable, and less of a workout!

Over time, I have found e-books enormously convenient. All my books, on one device, instantly accessible, at any point.

The Case For Physical Books

People are tinged with book nostalgia. The smell of a new book or the sound of turning pages. I understand this. 

Books can have a collectable element attached. I know someone who likes to collect signed first editions, for example. They have their place.

Kids books are perhaps better depicted in physical form, with their snazzy illustrations.

Physical books can be written on and are great for quick reference. I still buy some physical books, like recipe or fitness books. 

Perhaps more libraries will suffer, if we go digital. But I'd argue that libraries serve a bigger purpose. They should serve the community in more valuable ways. In say areas of education, for both adults and young people.

The Environmental Impact

I'm no tree hugger, but there's an environmental consideration.

Manufacturing is expensive and intensive. Books use resources. Then there's logistical and distribution costs. Costs that are passed on to the consumer.

Physical books are more expensive (usually). They are easily damaged, get lost and take up space.

They'll always be a market for physical books, but I've become more selective.

The Digital Revolution

With digital purchases, you are basically renting. The digital content dies with you, it's a lifetime license. Some people struggle with this.

Humans crave the "tangible". Digital books are not sexy. I have similar feelings about digital music.
Digital books are not sexy.
Morally, I want the content authors to get their "cut". But digital books make self-publishing possible. When long ago, only the fortunate got published. 

There are few limitations or restrictions with digital. Mobile data and wi-fi is plentiful and far reaching. 

The likes of Google and Amazon do e-book deals for 99p or $1.00. Amazing! Imagine reading somebody's life work, for less than a loaf of bread. 

Final Thoughts

Give e-readers and digital books a whirl, you may be pleasantly surprised.


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