Showing Compassion, In A Scary World

September 11th, 2001.
A serious post today.

Yesterday marked twenty-years since the 9/11 attacks. Thousands of innocents died that day.

Imagine the family impact? Many mothers and fathers, did not return to their loved-ones. The world suddenly seemed cruel and brutal.

Back then I was much younger. It was shocking and still I can't process it. It didn't make sense.

For my generation, it felt like a significant period in time. Much like the JFK assignation or the moon landing, you remember where you were.

Years on, as a parent and family man, I view it with further sadness.

A generation of children were left without a parent, and are now adults themselves. For twenty-years, they have functioned through grief.

Time doesn't heal everything. Their loss must feel as real today, as it did back then.

Showing Compassion

Sadly terrorist attacks still occur, all over the world.  

And the world feels divisive, and in conflict. Terror attacks, wars, pandemics and climate change, only ramp our division further.
Terror attacks, wars, pandemics and climate change, only ramp our division further.
And when this stuff occurs, it impacts real people. The world has to carry on, but so do the people within it.

As humans it's exhausting to navigate and operate through challenge after challenge. Life can be horribly unpredictable, as it was during 9/11. So treat people with compassion and be a good citizen.

You never know the journey someone has been on, is on, or will go on.

Live Each Day Like Its Your Last

You can't make every day exciting. Few of us, have that luxury. There will be great days, normal days and bad days.

However, try to live each day in a positive mindset. We never know what is around the corner. 

Talk to people, smile and push-out positive energy. Leave people feeling better, than when you found them. Let people recall you, as a positive happy person.

Most importantly, spread love and energy into your home life. Always tell your family that you love them. Life is unpredictable and finite. 

Final Thoughts

Treat people with respect and compassion. Put yourself in their shoes and empathise.

Live life with energy and a positive mindset.

Spread good energy among your family and tell them you love them.


  1. Yes, such a devastating day. Live life to the fullest.


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