Stay Young, And Invincible

"Stop it dad! You're 40!"
Don't get old, never get old!

Always, maintain a youthful approach to life. Impart your wisdom, but stay young.

Be mature, be adult, but never lose a sense of fun or adventure.

It's a common trap, as we become adults (or parents). The aging body, transcends into an aging mind. 

That's what I admire about kids. They attack life with youthful exuberance. 

Life is there to be attacked with fun and purpose. Live by this philosophy. Be the cool mum, dad, uncle, aunt, etc. Don't get old, never get old!

Don't Become Boring

Life places expectations on us. Society has a template for adults, and we foolishly play along. 
Society has a template for adults and we foolishly play along. 
Too many people, approach adult life in 'mundane mode'. Sadly, for many, our best personal qualities disappear.

I say screw the rules. Stay young of heart, and stick two fingers up to convention. 

Maintaining A Youthful Mindset

I read a book recently, where it said that six years-old, was the best age. 

At six, you see the fun and adventure of life. You begin to understand the world, from a childlike perspective, without any cynicism. At this age, life is exciting.

So be six again (metaphorically). View the world through youthful eyes. Always see the fun and adventure of life. 

The Cambridge Dictionary defines a 'stick-in-the-mud' as: "someone who is old-fashioned and too serious and avoids enjoyable activities".

Don't be that person. Life is too short, don't become a bore. Make jokes and don't take life too seriously. 

Child & Parent Relationships

When you become a parent, it can trigger the "grown-up" or "maturity" chip. To some extent, it is needed. But it doesn't mean becoming dull or boring.

Be grown-up, without sacrificing your identity. Be exciting and joke with your children. 

Be a friend to your kids, and they'll treat you like one. Listen to their problems and worries, without passing judgement.

Friendships are the essence of a successful relationship. Stay in sync with your children, and view life from their perspective.

Ultimately, be a fun parent who is cool to be around. With boundaries of course.

Final Thoughts

Stay young of mind and soul, always.

Don't change your youthful mindset, even as you get older.

Be a fun, caring and infectious adult. Be friends to your children and they'll be friends to you.


  1. I agree -- and as I get older I think I become more bold about my individuality and my sense of fun/the absurd. I'm quirky and I don't mind, haha! Thanks for this reminder.

    1. Absolutely, you're only as old as you feel. Conform to the law, not the norm! 😉👍

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