National Lampoons, Cornish Staycation

Cornwall rocks!
A little review, from our Cornish "staycation".

Everyone is doing the "staycation" thing in 2021. In troubled times, I was happy to support British tourism. 

Cornwall seemed the obvious and predictable choice. The fall-back option for disappointed "package holiday" lovers.

Spare a thought for the Cornish locals, stuck serving pasties to twats, who'd rather be in the Mediterranean.

Seriously, who'd go abroad? It sounds like hellish effort. This is the year for domestic pleasures.

British holidays don't come cheap. But for this year, I took the hit.

The Eden Project

Inside the Eden Project.
So the first trip, was the Eden Project.

Basically, it's 'Gardener's World' meets the 'Crystal Maze'. Two large domes filled with various plant species. 

I saw a banana plant, which you won't see often. It's a surreal experience, as you wander around the place.

The domes are kept warm to preserve the plants, it soon feels humid. Carry some deodorant, or walk around naked. It's the garden of Eden right?
The domes are kept warm to preserve the plants. Carry some deodorant, or walk around naked. It's the garden of Eden right?
For entertainment purposes, they have street dancers. These guys were bonkers, literally mental and probably on something. Perhaps they'd been munching too much Ayahuasca?

As a spectacle, the Eden Project is pretty. A lot of work has gone into it. Nature on this scale, is impressive. Plant lovers, will be in their element. 

I'm no plant lover myself, but it's far from rubbish. Worth checking-out.

St Nectan's Glen

St Nectan's Glen
Don't go chasing waterfalls, said TLC. Ah, but they'd never been to St Nectan's Glen!

Who'd have thought, Cornwall had a beautiful waterfall. Well done wifey, top find!

It started off uncertain. We had to walk two miles to find it. Down endless country lanes and cow fields.

I was fearing the worst. I've seen 'Wrong Turn' and it doesn't end well. Fortunately, we weren't hacked to bits by rednecks, but I digress.

We found our waterfall, and the path to paradise. What an impressive sight. We took some cracking photos and enjoyed a lovely afternoon here.

Absolutely visit this place, if you get the chance.

Boscastle Village

Photo, taken by Cliff.
Boscastle fishing port was another random find. We found it by chance.

After discovering the waterfall, we took a drive, parked-up and explored. 

Boscastle is where the British poet Thomas Hardy, met his first wife. It was also hammered by floods in 2004, so it has some history.

Perhaps the prettiest part were the two cliffs. We took a stroll over the cliff path, risking our lives for the perfect selfie.  Live dangerously, says I.

The daredevil life is thirsty work, and we found a great pub called the Cobweb Inn.  A pint of 'Proper Job' did the trick, before setting off.

Newquay Beach
Newquay Beach
My first time in Newquay. It wasn't on the list, but we checked it out. We'd been exploring a number of beaches that day.

When you holiday at home, weather is key. We chose to make the sunny days, our beach days. Makes sense really.

I can't speak for the rest of Newquay, but the beaches were lovely.

Perhaps Newquay is a bit too touristy, but what do you expect in peak summer?

They could serve the ice cream a bit quicker though. Queuing 40 minutes, for a vanilla cone, not on!

Woodlands Theme Park

"Ok guys, find the A38 please!"
Technically this is Devon, but near the Cornish border.

Woodlands is Devon's largest theme park. It's no Alton Towers, but ideal for young kids like mine.

We visited it back in 2018, before our youngest was born. It ticks a lot of boxes. Dinosaurs, soft play, animals, kid friendly rides etc.

The waterslides proved great fun, the kids enjoyed them.  It hasn't changed much, but a perfect end to the trip. 

My wife did find a hair in her ice cream, a minor low point. The rest of the body, was never discovered. 

All joking aside, it's a great day out for young children. 

Final Thoughts

British "staycations" are great fun.

Holiday at home in 2021, and support domestic tourism.

Explore the UK, get around and discover random things. Make memories, go on adventures and see what you find.


  1. This is cool. Picturesque with places I hadn’t heard of. I did a staycation in Blackpool. Sounds like the Eden project is worth a day out,

    1. Hi Jamie,

      You know what, I have never been to Blackpool! St Nectan's Glen waterfall was the highlight. The Eden Project is also decent, but it didn't overwhelm me. I suppose my general point is, there is lot to explore in this country! 😉👍

  2. I feel sorry for the Cornish locals now! maaive COVID hotspot! Anyway, funny to read about Newquay beach. Went on a school trip there and nearly got swept away as the teachers looked on!


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