Private Tutoring For Your Children?

Hey teacher, leave those kids alone!
So recently, my son started receiving private tutoring.

I know what you are thinking; pushy middle-class parent, leave him alone. I don't blame you, I'd think the same.

My son is five and doing well at school. The basics are there and we are proud.

Our concern was his handwriting. He knows the letters and numbers, but struggles to write them. A common trait in boys (we're told).

In fairness, I don't possess great handwriting either. Perhaps it's my fault?

Anyway, nearby, this local tutoring firm launched. We saw the opportunity to support a new business, and our son's learning. 

Is Private Tutoring Worth It?

It is hard to put a value on your child's education. I pay £20.00 for a half-hour tuition, on Saturday mornings.

I thought extra learning would be a hard sell. He does five days of school, then dad springs this nonsense on him. Surprisingly he bought into it.

This is 1-2-1 tuition, with no distractions from classmates. What he learns in 30 minutes, is comparable with two hours in his class. 

To get the best out of it, you need to know your child's weak areas. Their school teacher give you an indication of strengths and weaknesses.

I do see improvement in his handwriting. His pen control is better and his words formed better. I am starting to feel it is worth it.

It isn't cheap. On top of other clubs and activities, the cost piles up. We are doing it fortnightly, partly down to cost, but also to give him downtime.

The Perils of Child Development

Prior to having children, I read many parent books. I usually educate myself, before big decisions. But you are never prepared for the monumental decision you are making.

Some years ago, I listened to a talk by a psychologist. They basically said, the first seven years of a child's life, are the most important. Basically, it is won or lost in them first seven years. 

The child brain is a sponge, absorbing everything around them. Attitudes, skills, behaviours and values are all picked-up early. Nail the first seven years, and you've done the hard part.

Attitudes, skills, behaviours and values are all picked-up early. 

Badly behaved kids, with poor manners and attitudes have often been let down. Let down by their parents, their environment, government or other unfortunate life circumstances. Kids are fragile in them earlier years.

It impacted me profoundly, knowing I could screw-up my child's life. I feel sadness for children failed in early life. Children taken into social care for example, or stuck in toxic environments. 

So after this epiphany, I vowed to focus hard. Nothing would be too much trouble. I was prepared to put the work in, and pull out the stops for my kids.

Final Thoughts

So my son's tutoring is a commitment from me, to do him right.

I'm laying the foundations, and helping to navigate a problem area. You can only but try right?


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