Dealing With Slumps and Regaining Motivation

Demotivated dad!
I seem to be stuck in slumps-ville.

Slumps are destructive little buggers. They creep up on you, and before you know it, you aren't attacking life with the same zest.

I blame my recent injury for this decline. A number of weeks back, I cracked my right rib, getting out the bath, dumbass. It was clumsy and stupid. 

Weeks of soreness followed, on prescription painkillers. Exercise took a back seat, as I recovered. Ribs take around 6-8 weeks to heel, so I'm waiting it out.

I feel like a wounded animal. A dad losing his edge. Fitness and health levels have declined. Never underestimate the importance of a healthy life. 

Low motivation becomes a cancer. It can damage all parts of life. Now it's time to snap out and stop feeling sorry for myself.  

Passions like music, reading, learning, blogging and fitness are taking a backseat. It's time to reset, recalibrate and get things going!

Calibrating Body and Mind

Slumps normally have a trigger. Low motivation doesn't just happen. Dig deep and the answers are there. In my case it's physical, but for many it's mental.

Slumps are part of life, but the solution is from within. Motivation requires action from the sufferer. The cause doesn't matter, just recognise when you're in one. 

I think back to earlier this year, when I was motivated. Why was I motivated? What positive things were keeping me on track?

That's the problem with slumps. We stop enjoying the things we once did. So we fall into a black hole. Time to dig deep and find a way out. It's the only way.

That's the problem with slumps. We stop enjoying the things we once did.

Time to reset and come back stronger. So from this point, I will be rediscovering the things I did, when I had motivation. That's the battle of a slump, rekindling the hobbies and interests that kept us happy. 

Parenting Through Slumps

Parenting doesn't care about your physical or mental health. You never get a day off from parenting, irrespective of emotional state. For mums or dads, parent duties are not optional.

Low motivation, is not your child's problem. You have to snap-out the slump, not them, it's on you. The other challenge is not losing your temper with your kids. 

Children are more tuned to empathy than with think. It's ok for them to know, that mum or dad isn't on top form. The little buggers may even you some slack!

Generally I find parenting boosts a low mood. Kids keep your mind active, your soul connected. You get unconditional love from children. They don't care about your slumps, so why should you?

Setting Goals

Having objectives is important, particularly in slumps-ville season. A bit of focus, gives us the drive to press on.

I am hoping July will be my month. The month where I recalibrate and reboot (sorry, IT references!). 

As my rib recovers, I have started to get more active. Yesterday I did a twenty-mile cycle with my friend Rob. I was knackered and aching like hell, but I did it!

Rather foolishly, I have agreed to do a mammoth bike ride on 11th July. I will be cycling from Stratford to Southend, which is fifty miles. It's a big challenge, but life is all about challenges.

Later in the month we head to Cornwall, for the family staycation. Things are looking up, so July is all about positivity. I aim to slay the slump, pretty soon.

Finals Thoughts

Don't get the hump about a slump. Life happens, we all lose motivation and purpose at times.

Keep pursuing your hobbies and interests, even when the going gets tough. Slumps are temporary blips, carry on like they don't exist.

Set goals and have things to look forward to. Don't give the slump any power!


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