Travel: Family Glamping, At Lee Wick Farm

Daddy, Glampion Of The World.
So last weekend, we went glamping. What is glamping? Ah, let me explain.

Glamping is the posh version of camping. Basically, camping for tarts. Designed for those who need home comforts.

Last weekend we got away. Granted, it wasn't far, or even out of Essex. 'Lee Wick Farm' was the destination, a small farm outside the area of Clacton.

Apparently it's one of the UK's top 20 glamp sites. We booked it months ago, and for a while, I doubted it would happen. Then the lockdowns were eased, and Jurassic Park, we were on!

Read on, for my glamping experience.

What Is Glamping?

Glamping means 'glamourous camping'. Unlike a tent, you typically sleep in a cabin (see picture). Facilities vary, but toilets, running water and cooking equipment are common.

Glamp David.
We had a small microwave, which was useful. Although proudly, I managed to cook dinner on a BBQ. The site provide BBQ starter kits, for around £10.00 ($15.00).

The term 'glamping' appeared on my radar some years ago. I watched something on TV, that featured glamping. It was some superficial reality show, but I bookmarked the idea.

I have suggested camping trips many times. Normally my wife gives me a look, like I've suggested selling the kids. In fairness, traditional camping no longer appeals to me either. 

Lee Wick Farm

So as mentioned, we stayed at 'Lee Wick Farm' in Clacton. It was a pleasant location, in the middle of nowhere. Very quiet, until a family of four rocked up from Essex (us).

Nearby we had shops, civilisation and activities to do. We weren't completely cut-off, and I found a supermarket nearby. No Wi-Fi or phone signal to speak off, but hey.
Sometimes its nice to spend time time with the family, make memories, without technology.
I took my kids for a walk around the farm. There were horses and other wildlife. Sometimes its nice to spend time with the family, make memories, without technology.

Inside The Glamping Hut

As you can see, the inside was a cosy. Barely room to swing a cat, or my kids. Our cabin was called a 'MegaPod', which is a more premium choice.

Inside My Glamp Palace
We had a private shower and hot tub area, part of the upgrade. I actually paid for this by the way. I don't blag freebies, I'm not very good at it. 

To be fair, it was cosy and pleasant. They would make great home offices, and have definite 'man cave' potential. I've stayed in worse places.

The cabin had enough facilities to make the weekend tolerable. We had some rain, but nothing that didn't add to the experience. My kids enjoyed it, because kids have a sense of fun and adventure.

At One With Nature

So, I have to be honest, we didn't sleep too well. My wife found the bed intolerable, and my side of the bed sloped, like a slide. Never the less, we got some shut-eye.

During the night, Norman the angry pigeon, started pecking at our cabin. To us inside, Norman sounded like a pneumatic drill. Perhaps he was aggrieved, that we didn't invite him to dinner?

Most importantly (pigeons aside) both my children slept. They shared a sofa bed and slept like angels. You don't want two ratbag children of a morning.

Final Thoughts

As lockdowns ease, get out there and do things. We have spent too much time confined and restricted. I found the glamping experience to be fun. 

Spend more time with your family, make memories, life is too short. I'd say glamping is somewhere between a caravan and camping. Check it out, do something different.

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