Tablet Devices For Kids, Yes or No?

Tablets for kids? There's a divisive subject!

I wrestled with the dilemma myself. Christmas was nearing, and we suffered a prolonged "sh*t, what can we get him?" moment. 

Previously I'd been strict with screen time. Tablets were viewed with cynicism, the lazy approach to parenting. I was not going to be that parent.

Along comes Black Friday to tempt me. Before long, there's a Fire tablet in my virtual basket. Hooked like a haddock, on a £50.00 ($65.00) saving. I'm so weak!

So how did Amazon break me? Great question, let me mount a defence.

Technology Is the Future

Most schools use tablets, and even nurseries. Most households have a Fire or iPad device. Friends of your children, will be using them. 

Parents (I believe) hold onto a nostalgic belief, that technology is bad. They want their children to enjoy the simpler things, as they once did. I get it, but we have to be real. 

Parents hold onto a nostalgic belief, that technology is bad.

Nobody wants little Jeffrey to look at screens all day. Then again, we don't want Jeffrey to become a technophobe, left behind in a digital world. It's about finding balance.

Our kids are growing-up in a more technologically advanced world, accept it. By resisting, we put our kids at a disadvantage. They'll be more technology coming in the future, accept it, embrace it and move on. 

Education Benefits

We have started using apps to aide our son's spelling and maths. I've discovered free e-books, which we read before bed. All good stuff.

The app stores are crammed with educational apps, for all ages.  The Fire kid editions tablets, come with a 12 month subscriptions to Amazon Kids+. Basically, loads of free age appropriate content. 

In fact, my son's teacher has recommended apps, so the school is on board. They use an educational platform called Tapestry, which we access from the tablet. More reasons for adopting the change.

Safety Concerns

Anything connected to the Internet can be a concern. Nobody wants their kids viewing inappropriate content. But most tablet devices have that covered.

The Amazon Fire for example, lets you set-up child profiles. You can restrict access, limiting what they see. With your adult controls, you are basically the administrator. You set the apps they view and the websites they see.

Apps like YouTube and iPlayer, can be configured to show just child friendly content. Other useful functions, let you limit screen time. So basically, you lock it down and alleviate all those worries. 

Games and Netflix

I have to admit, the tablet is a life saver for long car journeys. I'm all over the streaming platforms like NetFlix, Disney+ and Prime Video. They all have kid variants, which is useful.

Before a road trip, I have two jobs. Charge the tablet and download enough Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol and Transformers for the journey. The tablets hook to the back of my seat, and they keep the kids entertained.

In July we'll be taking a staycation to Cornwall, and that's a five-hour trip. Car journeys are boring for everyone, especially restless children. Tablets in these situations, are a godsend.

Final Thoughts

We live in a fast-paced digital age, don't fear technology. Safety controls are better than ever, don't be put off. 

Find a balance with screen time and set your own rules.

Tablets can be valuable educational tools, if used right. Consider these benefits, because there are many educational apps and e-books to assist learning. 

Most importantly, never call your child Jeffrey! 🤣👍


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